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Ajeenkya DY Patil University offers the best undergraduate and postgraduate programs in unique areas, linked to exemplary 'ADYPU Student Experience', which is supported by excellent facilities and highly motivated teaching staff.
Our aim is to contribute to the creation of Innovation oriented Indian society. The aim is to develop new solutions that elevate the quality of life for every Indian by utilizing the new knowledge created.
As future economic, financial & social paradigms evolve, the Ajeenkya DY Patil University is gearing up to new challenges & exploiting vibrant possibilities for growth through single-minded focus on innovation.

Our mission is to graduate well-educated students who are prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world, and to contribute to the betterment of the world.

School of Engineering
The traditional engineering curriculum offered by multitude of engineering colleges across the country generally falls short of stressing design, quality, system integration, creative thinking and problem solving skills, as well as other analytical and interpersonal skills. The result is that most of the graduating engineers are deemed unemployable.

The School of Engineering of Ajeenkya DY Patil University is based on this vision to better prepare engineering graduates to meet the needs of engineering employers and meet the expectations of our society from engineers to catapult India to next generation of excellence. The curriculum is designed to give students the breadth of information and training needed to be immediately productive in their first job.

Programs offered
B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering
Duration : 4 years
Eligibility : XII’th Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths as subjects Students who have not chosen Maths as a subject in their XII’th will have to complete a bridge course in Maths at the university.

Biomedical Engineering is a combined study of biological sciences, engineering and medicine to improve human healthcare. Bioengineering is where engineering meets medicine. Bioengineers use traditional engineering techniques to find innovative solutions to real world biological and medical problems. Examples of bioengineering include - Kidney dialysis and transplantation, Hip implants, Cardiac stents, Tissue engineering for skin and nerve repair, Medical imaging, such as X-rays, MRI and CT scanners.

In the first year, you will undergo a common core curriculum for engineering. If you are deficient in Mathematics at your XII’th level, you will be doing an additional basic course in Mathematics.
In the third year, you will undergo an integrated sequence of Biomedical related courses which will carry forward from the knowledge gained at the second year stage. Through your third year you will study advanced biomedical systems and learn about state-of-the-art medical devices. In the final year you will learn advanced bioengineering topics such as design of medical devices, implants, as well as bioimaging. In the final year you will be working on a major team project as a final project chosen by you wherein you will select, formulate, and solve a major design problem.

B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering
Duration : 4 years
Eligibility : XII’th Science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Mechatronic Engineering combines principles of mechanics, electronics and computing. It is an integrated approach to design and operate electro-mechanical systems. Our everyday life is filled with such devices. It is so common that we do not notice them are mechatronics based systems. Today every device has a electrical and computing component. This makes the study and practice of mechatronics that much more crucial.

Mechatronics engineering concentrates on precision control of mechanical and machine systems wherein control is achieved electronically through the use of sensors, actuators and microprocessors.

Ten specific topics were identified under the general category of mechatronics: Modeling and Design, Motion Control, System Integration, Vibration and Noise Control, Actuators and Sensors, Micro Devices & Optoelectronic Systems, Intelligent Control, Automotive Systems, Robotics and Manufacturing

B.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering ( Specialisation in Medical Biotechnology & Food Technology)
Duration : 4 years
Eligibility : XII Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Maths as subjects.
Biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular process to develop technology and products that improve the quality of human life and the world around us. Modern biotechnology has revolutionized the fields of healthcare, medicine, agriculture and environment leading to better treatment procedures and improved quality of food and environment.

Medical Biotechnology
Medical Biotechnology uses living cells and cell materials to produce novel pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that help and prevent human diseases. Medical biotechnology has enormous potential for novel and innovative solutions in the field of medicine.

Food technology:
Food technology is a science that increases the speed and precision with which food traits and food production practices can be enhanced. Food technology also includes safe and efficient methods of processing raw material for novel finished products. The ever increasing global population and rising food prices have posed immense challenges to health, nutrition and environment.

M.Tech. in Automotive Product Engineering
Duration : 2 years
Eligibility : B.E. / B.Tech. in Mechanical / Automobile / Production Engineering
The Automotive Product Engineering masters program takes a systems viewpoint for automotive design and manufacture. From a systems perspective it focusses on conceptual design, powertrain, vehicle architecture, and body-in-white design

The automotive industry is growing at a very fast rate in India. Virtually all global manufacturers are operating in India, whereas home grown auto companies are going global. The cut-throat competition in this sector requires solutions that the industry keeps reinventing, reinvirogating its product line and production processes. This establishes the need for competent manpower and this program is ideally suited to fulfill that need. The program serves the needs of a dynamic and growing automotive industry which needs people with a broad knowledge base. This program meets the requirements of global automotive industry including original equipment manufacturers and their supply chains..

M.Tech. in Digital Manufacturing
Duration : 2 years
Eligibility : B.E. / B.Tech. in Mechanical / Automobile / Production / Industrial Engineering
The manufacturing sector is key to India’s growth. Through its downward linkages with other sectors of the economy, the progress of manufacturing sets the tone for overall progress and socio-economic well being.

All data indicators and forecasts suggest that India’s growth is likely to accelerate towards its high long-run potential. India is witnessing a renewed wave of growth in manufacturing which promises to be much more promising than the previous one.

This vibrancy of the manufacturing sector obviously necessitates a skilled workforce to make true this opportunity. The Masters program in Digital Manufacturing is a perfect program for students who wish to pursue this opportunity in a thriving manufacturing sector and be a part of country’s economic progress.

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Ms. Ramandeep Arora – Head Admissions
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