7 things that could change your life in 2019
Elections to change the course of history

Election fever is set to rise in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

2019 Predictions
2019 Election
The rise of a new leader or the fading away of an incumbent leader is bound to affect the fortunes of all in the country - in myriad ways.
Changes in Election
The Lok Sabha elections are going to be a war between two extremely different ideologies, methods and policies. The victory of any side could drastically change the future of our country.
Things that will Change in 2019
Sectors like agriculture, education and health are badly in need of a boost. The new government's policies could have a major impact on these sectors.
Lakhs of young voters are expecting the new government to create jobs for them. This could be a major task for the new leadership.
future of India
The elections are also going to decide the future of the secular fabric of the country.
7 things that could change your life in 2019
Climate change to hit life

The latest report of the UN's IPCC warns that global warming is occurring faster than anticipated. India will be among the worst-hit countries that may face calamities like floods and heatwaves.

Things that will Change in 2019
snowmelt Climate change india
Floods of all kinds - riverine floods, those due to snowmelt and sea-level rise - are occurring frequently and are projected to increase further.
monsoon 2019 India
The frequency of Monsoon and other rainfall events could be modified. Our agriculture sector depends on the Monsoon.
Droughts India 2019
Droughts have major consequences. In past years, droughts have affected more than half of India's crop area, causing huge decline in crop production.
agriculture changes
More than 60% of India's agriculture is rain-fed, making the country highly dependent on ground-water. Ground-water levels are changing fast.
Rising sea-level
Rising sea-level is a major concern for Kerala. Many of the coastal areas in the state are likely under risk from this threat.
7 things that could change your life in 2019
5G to revolutionise the telecom sector

5G is expected to take our telecom sector to a whole new level.

5g changes 2019 india
5g india faster
It can provide up to hundred times faster internet than 4G.
8k videos
It will bring even 8K videos to our devices.
self-driving cars 5g
It can enable self-driving cars and smarter cities.
changes in mobile 2019
New mobile services will be launched and even whole new business models could begin.
machines 5g
It can connect machines, crop equipment and AI-enabled devices to perform a host of functions for you.
7 things that could change your life in 2019
Electric Vehicles (EVs) may usher in change

Expect EVs to bring a powerful change in our transportation sector this year.

Electric Vehicles India 2019
Electric Vehicles changes 2019
It could disrupt international oil trade and change the global power-balance.
Electric Vehicles revolution
An EV revolution can change the industry as it is expected to create thousands of new job opportunities.
EVs can incredibly contribute to achieving the carbon-emission targets.
efficient changes 2019
EVs are expected to be more efficient and cheaper; which means more savings for you.
government earnings  ev
It could significantly impact on government earnings as presently tax on fossil fuels brings huge chunks of money to the state coffers.
7 things that could change your life in 2019
eSports set to boom in India

Gaming is all set to be an international sporting event.

eSports changes india 2019
gamers in India
eSports could open up a whole new world for gamers in India as elsewhere.
Rising gaming 2019
Rising gaming sector can boost economy as it will bring more investment.
growth of eSports 2019
Governments in various countries have started allocating budgets for its development. This could help the growth of eSports.
India can even win a medal as it will be an event at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.
local gaming  changes India 2019
More local gaming events will be held in various parts of the country, which in return will create more job opportunities.
7 things that could change your life in 2019
OTT platforms to raise competition in entertainment sector

Over-The-Top (OTT) media services like Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Netflix, which directly deliver content to viewers, are witnessing a quick growth in the entertainment industry in India especially for music, TV shows and movie premiers.

Over-The-Top 2019
entertainment 2019 India
As the OTT services are set to grow much faster in 2019, the platform may become a prime space to explore entertainment content in India.
Bollywood changes 2019 India
Many Bollywood A-listers have already spoken in support of this. Don't get surprised if you happen to see even the Khans or Kapoors in the digital space soon.
reduces piracy
OTT reduces piracy, one of the most threatening issues for content creators. There are talks going on in the B-Town even about releasing movies in this format.
experience the films 2019
This could even change the way we experience films or reality shows as of now.
More investments
More investments and new companies will emerge in this business for sure.
7 things that could change your life in 2019
Kerala stares at three-cornered battle in 2019

The year will unravel the impact over Sabarimala women's entry on the LS polls.

Sabarimala women's entry 2019 Kerala
political scenarios Sabarimala
Row over women's entry at Sabarimala temple will continue to create ripples in the state's cultural and political spheres.
With womenfolk taking to the streets to protest women's entry at Sabarimala, Kerala's so-called gender equality and liberal attitude will come under the scanner.
 Lok Sabha elections Kerala 2019
The Lok Sabha elections, set for April-May, will see a tough three-cornered battle between CPM, Congress and BJP.
Kerala 2019
The poll will be crucial for BJP, which has not been able to get an elected MP from Kerala so far.
election change kerala 2019
Congress, which has not been able to flex its muscles as the main opposition party, has lot of catching up to do.

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