Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn-in as the President and the Vice President of the United States, despite desperate attempts by outgoing President Donald Trump by mounting legal challenges, spreading canards and even instigating a mob to storm US Congress. The inaugural day on January 20 was especially sweeter for India because the first woman Vice President of the United States has roots in India's Tamil Nadu.

Total electoral votes: 538

Majority: 270

Jo Biden
Biden's share

votes (51.4%)
Danald Trump

votes (46.9%)

Popular Biden

Biden walks into the White House with the most number of popular votes garnered by any of his predecessors. The veteran, who turned 78 on November 20, 2020, is the oldest US president. He has half a century of Democratic politics to draw from. A snapshot of his eventful life.

November 20
Joe Biden was born at Scranton, Pennsylvania as the first child of Catherine Eugenia Finnegan and Joseph Robinette Biden Sr.
The family moves to Delaware.
1965- ’68
Biden goes to Delaware and Syracuse universities to study history, political science and law.
Biden marries Neilia Hunter. Moves to Wilmington. Starts a law firm.
Political career starts as a member of the New Castle County Council.
Biden's wife Neilia and 13-months-old daughter Naomi killed in a car crash. Two sons seriously injured.
Swears in as a Senator from Delaware at 29 years, from beside the hospital bed of his son. He becomes the fifth youngest person to be elected as a senator. Serves as a senator until 2009 (1972, 1978, 1984, 1990, 1996, 2002).
Marries Jill Tracy Jacobs, a college lecturer.
Launches a campaign for the Democratic nomination for presidency but drops the bid midway.
A second attempt to get nominated as the Democratic candidate for presidency.
Becomes vice president of the United States after being chosen as Barack Obama's running mate.
In the second term as vice president, works with Obama to shape the US policy on Iraq.
Oldest son Beau Biden, an attorney general in Delaware, dies of brain cancer. Biden's other children are Hunter and Ashley Blazer.
January 12
Obama presents Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honour in the country. Obama calls Biden his brother.
April 25
Biden announces his bid for presidency.
April 8
Democratic rival Bernie Sanders ends his bid in favour of Biden. Obama also endorses Biden.
August 20
Biden chosen as the official candidate by the Democrats.
November 7
Election results are deemed in favour of Biden.
January 6
The Senate officially declares Biden as the next president.
2021 January 20
Biden takes over as the 46th president of the United States.

Biden's victory

Biden won

Trump won

Biden breaks record

Biden takes over with the most popular votes received by any president in US history. He garnered 8,12,81,888 popular votes in the election. This was also the presidential election where most Americans voted. (click on below bar chart to get more details)

Popular votes secured by the US presidents (1900–2020)

Biden's Autobiography
1. Promises to Keep (2008)

2. Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship and Purpose (2017)

Kamala Harris creates history

Kamala Harris has many firsts to her credit. She is the first woman Vice President of the United States. She is also the first African-American and the first Asian-American to reach the post.

October 20
Kamala born to Shyamala Gopalan and Donald J Harris in Oakland, California. Her mother was from Chennai and father from Jamaica. She received her school education partly in Canada, where her mother had moved for work.
Graduates in political science and economics from Howard University and goes to the law school in the University of California.
Joins as a lawyer with the district attorney's office in Alameda County in California.
Serves as a prosecutor in San Francisco.
January 3
Takes over as the first woman attorney general of California. She was also the first non-white person to reach the post. She served as second term starting 2014.
Elected to the Senate as a Democrat from California with 60 percent votes. Her work with the Senate Judiciary Committee earned her laurels.
January 21
Harris announces her candidacy to the president election.
December 3
Harris withdraws her candidacy for a lack of funds. She endorses Biden in March 2020.
August 11
Biden picks Harris as his running mate.
November 7
Election results are deemed in favour of Biden and Harris.
2021 January 20
Harris takes over as the first woman vice president of the United States.
Kamala Harris autobiography
The Truths We Hold: An American Journey (2018)

Road to the White House

US presidents traditionally assume charge on January 20 since 1933. Until then the inauguration date was on March 4. In case January 20 falls on a holiday, the swearing-in will be a low-key affair in the White House Blue Room, with an elaborate inaugural ceremony reserved in the Capitol Building for the next working day, like how Obama was sworn in in 2013.

(Illustration: A scene from the Swearing-in of the President of the United States at US Capitol, Washington DC, on January 20, 2017)

The inaugural ceremony was held around 11 am US time (Indian Time 10 pm). Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took their oaths at the West front of the US capitol. Kamala Harris was sworn-in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, while Biden was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts. The traditional inaugural parade was not an option this year, given security fears and the coronavirus pandemic. So instead, the Biden Inaugural Committee thrown a 'Parade Across America' — a virtual celebration involving dancers, drum lines, singers and athletes from across the United States.

The road from the Capitol to the White House on which US presidents are led on

Biden's inauguration was a low-key affair in light of the COVID-19 situation. The inauguration ceremony streamed live on

Indian-Americans in Biden administration

Apart from Kamala Harris, US President-elect Joe Biden has either nominated or named at least 21 Indian Americans, including 13 women, to key positions in his administration. As many as 17 of them would be part of the powerful White House complex. This comes as a feat for the small ethnic community that constitutes 1% of America's population. It is also for the first time ever that so many Indian-Americans have been roped into a presidential administration ever before the inauguration. Biden is still quite far away from filling all the positions in his administration.
Here's a list of all the India-Americans nominated so far:

Neena Tanden
Neera Tanden
Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget
Vivek Murthy
Dr Vivek Murthy
US Surgeon General
Vanita Gupta
Vanita Gupta
Associate Attorney General, Department of Justice
Uzra Zeya
Uzra Zeya
Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights
Mala Adiga
Mala Adiga
Policy Director to the First Lady
Garima verma
Garima Verma
Digital Director of the Office of the First Lady
Sabrina Singh
Sabrina Singh
Deputy Press Secretary of the First Lady
Rohit Chopra
Rohit Chopra
Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Aisha Shah
Aisha Shah
Partnership Manager at the White House Office of Digital Strategy
Sameera Fazili
Deputy Director at the US National Economic Council
Bharat Ramamurti
Deputy Director at the US National Economic Council
Gautam Raghavan
Deputy Director in Office of Presidential Personnel
vinay Reddy
Vinay Reddy
Director, Speechwriting
Vedant Patel
Vedant Patel
Assistant Press Secretary to the President
Tarun Chhabra
Senior Director for Technology and National Security, National Security Council
Sumona Guha
Sumona Guha
Senior Director for South Asia, National Security Council
Shanthi Kalathil
Shanthi Kalathil
Coordinator for Democracy and Human Rights
Sonia Aggarwal
Sonia Aggarwal
Senior Advisor for Climate Policy and Innovation in the Office of the Domestic Climate Policy
Vidur Sharma
Vidur Sharma
Policy Advisor for Testing for the White House COVID-19 Response Team
Neha Gupta
Associate Counsel, Office of the White House Counsel
Reema Shah
Reema Shah
Deputy Associate Counsel, Office of the White House Counsel